Wish List

have a child
ocean swim after midnight
fly over Azores on a clean day

swim with whales
find my religion
have faith

show people how important spirituality is
do yoga
have an awsome group of friends
have an awsome springbreak

enjoy every summer
Summer camp in Azores on a festival with friends
give blood
go to university
own a pet (and don’t let it die)

travel with boyfriend
travel to Machu Picchu
travel to Rome
travel to London

travel to Oslo
travel to Barcelona
travel to Galápagos
travel to Russia
travel to Patagónia
travel to Brazil
travel to New Zeeland
travel to Amsterdam
travel to Tibete
travel to Flores
travel to Corvo
Climb Pico do Pico
tattoo something worthy
look like pocahontas
earn a lot of money on a job that I love
have my own house
take car license
buy a car
buy a camera
get healthier
take off my braces
eat sushi
learn how to make sushi
make a cool model of my dream house
try castor oil on my hair
cut my hair very short
buy a mandolim

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