Beach Rally! 29-July-2014

For quite some time now, I know that I'm going on Erasmus program to Turkey! The tickets are bought, we (yes! we! Because I'm not going alone!) already found an appartment with other students, all documents are checked... Unfortunatly this makes the summer pass much quicker that I would like it to since I'm so excited to arrive at Istanbul!

Half Summer, Half Summer Work Stage

Summer is slowly passing through very fast! The hot days start  with little sleep and cold mornings, I'm loving it! Getting busy with something, everyday I see something new in the Imagiology center of the Hospital: RMs TACs, X- Rays, ... among others.
The Staff here is amazing, can't wait for a big dinner party
And I can't forget about the money ibn the end of next month!
And since the weather has been terrible, at least I don't feel bad for occupying my time! :)

Beach Rally! 19-July-2014

Now, Summer working, every weekend must be lived at its fullest!

Nothing better than spend a good day on the beach, playing cards and telling jokes, and our latest idea was to go around our Island, taking baths on our favourite beach spots:

The weather was not so good and we startes early in the morning. It was na adventure, specially because it was rainny and foggy!
But it was all worthy because we finally caught some sun at 7 p.m on our last stop!

On top of everything we ate some burgers and went dancing all night long to some medley equal to the one we heard last weekend... well, what can we ask for more?

Plans for 2014

The year started well! I have to confess that I'm tight to the superstition that even years do not go so very well for me, but this one is promising to be really interesting!
So many plans and goals that I have to focuse on... I'm so excited to get them all going!

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